Brand Preference Center

Why preferred brands grow faster.

Modern consumers have incredibly high expectations of brands. At the same time, their purchasing behaviour varies widely. 

In the past, brand preference was mainly the outcome of brand loyalty, advertising and smart promotions. It was seldom the ambition. Striking, given extensive research showing that brand preference correlates strongly with market share. In light of this, why are so few marketers focused on building preference with consumers? One reason is that not enough is known about brand preference as a strategic instrument. That is why we started the Brand Preference Center.


"The traditional brand funnel turns out to be more of a marketing dream than a consumer reality. Declining brand loyalty calls for a stronger focus on brand preference during each customer journey."

- Ed Stibbe, Cofounder, Brand Preference Center


How to become a preferred brand

The Brand Preference Center helps brands become leaders in preference.

Based on extensive research across a variety of categories, we have developed a "Brand preference" model. The model defines five factors that have a significant impact on the growth of brand preference. The power of the model lies in its simplicity. It brings all pillars of marketing in the digital age back into one, consumer-led model.

Our focus is on two areas:

1. Knowledge: sharing our though leadership on how brand preference works in the digital age
2. Insight: delivering actionable insights to increase brand preference and build long-term growth


"In modern marketing, brand preference equals market share. Therefore brand preference influences all elements of the marketing mix along with the organization."

- Jan Kienhuis, Cofounder, Brand Preference Center


About our team.

We are a knowledge center and a marketing consultancy. Combined.

We have the burning ambition to thoroughly understand brand preference in the digital age. We are known for actionable insights, creative ideas and fact-based consultancy. Our focus on preference will drive your marketing impact to deliver profitable and sustainable growth.

Our international team consists of marketers, researchers, data scientists, designers, consultants and project managers. We are headquartered in Amsterdam, but work closely with our network around the globe, including Epiphany RBC’s supporting offices in New York and Singapore.



Products and services


Brand Preference Index ™️

Insight in real drivers of preference within category.


Brand Preference Value Design ™️

Designing value propositions which generate higher brand preference and growth.


Brand Preference Accelerator ™️

Improving market share by growing brand preference.


Brand Preference Keynotes ™️

Knowledge sharing and thought leadership from Brand Preference experts.


Brand Preference Workshops ™️

Improving brand preference with thorough analysis of the individual drivers.


Brand Preference Sustainability ™️

How to leverage sustainability for increased brand preference.




Improve your brand preference,
the engine behind growth.

Because focus on Brand Preference
results in a higher market share. 


The Power of preference

From brand preference to market share
in three steps.



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